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Annie's Australia Adventure
South Island New Zealand
Around Sydney
Byron Bay
Australia Zoo
Bald Rock National Park

Spring Break 2003

My first day in Australia!

As weird as having "spring break" in the end of September and beginning of August is, this was definitely one of my best spring break trips.  Three friends and I spent two weeks in Australia.  We had hoped to make it up to the Great Barrier Reef and down as far as Melbourne, however, Australia's a lot bigger country than we even imagined.  We flew into Sydney and after spending a couple days there we headed up north.  We drove slighty inland from the coast hoping to see some "outback" areas of Australia on the way up to Brisbane.  After spending a couple nights in Brisbane, we drove down to Byron Bay where we spent three nights because we enjoyed the city so much.  Then we headed back down to Sydney for a couple more days there before returning to New Zealand.  I didn't want to have to leave Australia because I enjoyed the country so much.  It's very diverse between nature and great city life. 
Some highlights of the trip included walking around Sydney, seeing kangaroos in their natural habitat, hiking in the Main Range National Park where there were some awesome rainforest hikes, going to the Crocodile Hunter's Zoo, riding a camel on the beach, seeing bats flying around in the daytime and meeting up with Kelsi Camp from my hometown. 
After camping eight nights in a row and driving almost 2700 kilometres around Eastern Australia, I realize that I've barely seen anything the country has to offer.  If I can manage it, I'm going to try to ask Quantas for a layover in Sydney for at least a few days before I head back up to the United States.